An OPENCARD access control system enables you to easily control the entire key management and access control of your building. Doors are only opened for those who have permission for it and property is kept safe. OPENCARD access control is a very widely used system that is suitable for various purposes.

Doors are provided with smart locks and users receive an electronic key with the assigned access rights to which times and data can be linked. OPENCARD is suitable for all types of buildings and is already widely used in healthcare facilities, recreational parks, hotels, offices and ships.

The system is controlled by the OPENCARD software, which allows easy access and administration of access times and permissions. This system is controlled wired or wirelessly, with a choice between online and offline management. The access keys can be created through the software. Keys are delivered in the form of a keycard or tag and can be printed with text or logo as desired.

The OPENCARD system can be modified and extended at any time, allowing different types of locks to be connected to the system. It offers endless application possibilities and can be customized.