A traditional hotel lock, with the technique of the future

The Hotek CLASSIC lock is a traditional hotel lock, converted into the lock of the future. Applicable for indoor and outdoor use, offering quality and safety; over 1 million locks have been installed!

Applied in combination with the Hotek CLASSIC software, it offers a robust and reliable system using contactless RFID technology. A suitable and inexpensive solution for smaller and medium-sized hotels, guest houses or holiday parks. In combination with the Hotek SMART software more advanced access control options can be created for larger situations.

Hotek CLASSIC locks are CLE© ready, a Cloud Low Energy chip (CLE©) can easily be installed into the RFID lock - creating a mobile key solution with an online cloud connection which enables access control from anywhere in the world.

CLASSIC locks are fire resistant in accordance with the European Standard EN 1634-1:2014.


The benefits

  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • no wires required
  • anti-panic function
  • privacy function with red LED
  • low-battery alarm
  • alarm when door is not properly closed
  • read-out last 1.000 lock transactions
  • optional mechanical emergency cylinder
  • available in stainless steel and brass
  • can be applied with Hotek CLASSIC platform
  • can be applied with Hotek SMART platform
  • CLE© ready (mobile key & online access control)
  • keycard encoder with USB connection
  • wall readers available for elevator, sliding door, barriers etc.
  • intelligent energy savers available
  • software made in Holland