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Complete the guest experience with the door accessories of Hotek. All items that you can find on this page, guarantee the privacy and safety of your guests. We have items like door chains, energy saving units, do not disturb systems, door closers and ventilation locks in our assortment. All kinds of small door accessories that contribute greatly to the comfort of guests. If you are looking for door fittings, we can also help you out. Just take a look at our hotel locks page.

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Hotel door locks

One of our many handy door accessories is the stand-alone code lock with integrated RFID reader. The electronic code lock can be set up with a numerical code containing four to six numbers and is both fit for indoor and outdoor usage. With measurements of 150 x 51 x 23 millimeters (hxwxd), it is a very nice and compact hotel lock. So if you are looking for an amazing electronic hotel lock system, this might just be the perfect solution for you.

Door closers

The door closers of Hotek contribute to a safe stay for your guests. Our international door closers make sure that doors alway close properly and that the mortise lock falls into place which of course is essential for providing maximum safety. Hotek has multiple handy models that are very safe. Depending on the weight of the door, we have a universal door closer that is fit for all your hotel rooms. Simply attach a door closer to any door in your hotel. All variants are provided with a finishing cap and work with temperatures from minus 30 up till 60 degrees Celsius.

Do not disturb sign

A paper door hanger is long outdated. From now on, guests easily indicate whether their room is ready for housekeeping of whether they would rather not be disturbed. This is very easy with the Hotek do not disturb systems. Our do not disturb systems – also known as DND-system – guarantee ease and privacy and are utterly useful for housekeeping. The panel in the room is connected to the screen on the outside of the room. The guest can easily indicate if the room needs cleaning or if they wish to not be disturbed. There are multiple versions available of our do not disturb signs in different colours. A do not disturb door sign is the finishing touch of any hotel room.

Energy saving solutions

Energy saving units have become an indispensable part of hotel rooms that use keycards and RFID technology. The energy switches of Hotek work with Mifare keycards. By putting the card in the unit, lights and for instance also the air conditioning automatically turn on. The same applies when the card is pulled out of the switch. In this case, lights and the air conditioning automatically turn off after 40 seconds.

Hotel hygiene

Many guests are utterly fond of hygiene in hotels. Some people value it more than others, but it is anyhow a very important aspect to take into account when wanting to provide your guests with the best experience possible. But how do you provide your guests with the most hygienic stay? Our door opener is one of our useful door accessories that make a positive contribution to this. Attach the door opener to the door handle so guests can easily open the door with their elbow. This way, their hands do not have to touch the door handle. Optimise your hotel hygiene with our hotel hygiene products.