Electronic key and value management

Full control, a safe feeling

Modern security and management systems are of vital importance today. Keys are an essential part of our daily use, from server spaces to fleet, access to office space, meeting rooms, archives, equipment, etc. Opencard key management is the ideal solution for supplementing or expanding your existing security system and even protecting your intellectual property .

Time and money are saved, even if you only have a few keys. Opencard key management does this automatically, reliably and 24 hours a day.

Opencard provides authorized key management so only authorized staff has access. Lockers and compartments can store keys, equipment, documents and other valuable materials that you wish to register. Items are stored safely which reduces loss.

KeyIQbox 20

We offer a number of solutions, from 5 tot over 500 keys, compartments for devices and documents. Please contact us for a tailor-made advice.