We have the solution that fits your situation

A safe feeling for your guests and user-friendlyness for your team!

Hotek Hospitality Group offers and develops innovative security solutions for the hospitality industry. We provide a range of offline and online solutions, based on the latest technology like RFID, CLE© en QR codes. How do you determine which system fits you?

A hotel lock is no longer 'just a lock'. It has become part of an access control solution that fits the situation.

Based on our client's wishes and situation we combine locks, systems and software into an access control solution whereby doors can only be opened by autorised persons.

In order to determine which systems fits your needs, we take into account a number of elements:

  • How many and what type of doors need to be in the system?
  • How would you like to manage your access? Simple or advanced?
  • Do you want to work online? Do you choose a mobile key solution?
  • Which interfaces (e.g. PMS) are needed?

While thinking about your desired solution, take also into consideration: front- and back doors, private doors, sheds, access to wellness, closets, barriers, electronic doors and elevators.

Access control cannot only be managed for guests, but also for your housekeeping and other staff. Who may enter which rooms, at what time? We help you establishing your door plan.

Based on the door plan and the functions you desire, the choice for one of our systems can be made:




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