HOTEK SMART software platform

Advanced solutions for for medium to large projects

Hotek SMART offers offline access control solutions for medium to large hotels, holiday parks or cruise ships. You can choose from different types of locks, door openers and wall readers.

Rights are managed offline in the SMART software, locks are opened with RFID keycards and tags.

Interfaces with PMS suppliers are possible.

The system will be fully customized for you, taking into account the following factors:

  • How many rooms and common doors / back of house doors do you have?
  • Which lock fits your situation?
  • What kind of system do you require? Offline or online?
  • Do you want a mobile key application?
  • What kind of access control do you need for your staff?

Access control cannot only be arranged for your guests, but also for your housekeeping and other staff. Who can enter which rooms, at what time? Together with you, we will establish your door plan.

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