Hotel locks

'The Classic, the foundation of Hotek. 20 years of excellence, used on more than 1 million hotel doors.'

Hotek is known for its hotel locks. With our innovative view on locks, we have been creating future proof hotel locks for two decades now. The Hotek CLASSIC lock is a perfect example of a traditional hotel lock, but with the technology of the future. It can both be used indoors as outdoors and offers absolute quality and security.

The traditional mechanical hotel room key is therefore no longer needed. Hotel locks from Hotek can be easily opened with a keycard. The CLASSIC keycard system is a robust and reliable system with contactless RFID technology. This in combination with our pleasant prices, makes it a great fit for not only the bigger hotel chains but also for the smaller and medium-sized hotels, as well as the pensions and holiday parks.

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Advantages Hotek hotel lock systems

The traditional mechanical key is easily replaceable by a hotel lock with a keycard. A keycard works way easier than the average keys. Besides that, the Hotek hotel lock systems have many more advantages. For example, you can create your own locks with a beautiful 3M wrapping in a style of your own choice. This way, your locks will fully merge into the design of your interior. And that is not all! You can also choose between our three colour options: stainless steel, brass and black.

Our locks are also extremely safe and low maintenance. An emergency card opens the doors in case of an emergency and our CLASSIC locks are fire resistant and provided with an alarm that goes off in case a door is not closed properly. The RFID keycards are insensitive to magnetic fields so you can store them in your wallet without having to worry about a defective keycard. The Hotek CLASSIC hotel locks are wireless and provided with batteries with a lifespan of 2 to 3 years and a low-battery alarm.

Electronic hotel locks

The electronic hotel locks of Hotek are made of stainless steel with a card reader of high quality composite. Besides, they are provided with a high security ANSI-5 latch lockcase with anti-panic, deadbolt and anti-friction latch. And there’s a very handy option; you can read out the last 1000 lock-transactions! The hotel room locks can also be opened with keyfobs and wristbands. And maybe one of the most important advantages; the Hotek hotel locks are future proof.

Hotel mobile key

Our CLASSIC hotel locks are GuestKey ready, or in other words; these locks can be easily upgraded with our GuestKey controller resulting into a lock that can be opened with your own smartphone. Because of this, a keycard is no longer needed. The GuestKey controller – i.e. a Cloud Low Energy chip (CLE©) – can easily be installed in any RFID lock. With the help of your smartphone that connects with the cloud, you can now open any door you have access to. Anywhere in the world. Fully online cloud based with your smartphone, opening doors is made possible by GuestKey; the future of hotel locks.