Besides hotel locks & smart locks, Hotek also offers the possibility to open the door with your own mobile phone. 

Do you opt for a complete online cloud based solution using the GuestKey PWA (progressive web app) or rather an offline system with QR codes. 

Check out the various possibilities for mobile access for your hotel, cruise ship, business premises or student accommodation below. 

Hotel Keyless entry

Do want to make your hotel fully future proof, then making the locks keyless is one of the first steps you should take. Regular keys are outdated. Opening your hotel door with a keycard has already been a nice possibility for a long time which is very handy and also more pleasant for your guests. But going completely keyless is also an utmost guest friendly possibility! What are your thoughts on opening doors with a QR code via your mobile phone? This is possible with the Hotek Generation X lock. Do you want to have the most innovative hotel locks? Then integrating GuestKey into your current RFID locks is the perfect solution. With GuestKey, you simply open doors via a webapp on your smartphone. Now that’s what we call future proof

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How does a Keyless entry work?

A keyless entry is possible in multiple ways. With our Generation X lock, a lock can be opened by scanning a QR code that the guests receive on their mobile phones. Does the guest rather not receive a QR code on their smartphone, then printing it is also possible. With GuestKey you do not have to scan a QR code, you just slide the door open on your phone. With both keyless solutions, opening doors with a keycard remains possible, only keycards become rather unnecessary.

The advantage of both keyless entry possibilities, or in other words ‘smart entrance’, is that keycards are no longer needed which contributes to a better environment. Upgrading your RFID locks with GuestKey is very easy, since we can integrate the GuestKey controller into any RFID lock. The controller is connected to the webapp which makes it possible to open doors. In addition to that, the webapp also functions as an extra communication platform and hence serves as an extra touchpoint in the guest journey. Communicate information, create an upsell and make the access to your doors keyless with GuestKey; the most future proof way of smart entry.

Smart locks

Hotek has multiple smart locks. The difference between our Generation X model and GuestKey, is that Generation X actually is an RFID lock with an integrated scanner for QR codes while GuestKey is a controller that is connected to a webapp and that can be integrated into any RFID lock. So GuestKey is not a lock, but rather an upgrade for your current locks or it can be seen as an addition to our Generation X lock.

Besides that, opening doors with a QR code is an easy offline possibility, while GuestKey works online with a webapp. There are enough reasons to choose for a keyless entry of your hotel rooms. It makes your hotel future proof but also contributes to the experience of your guests in a positive way.

Application Keyless Entry

Both with our Generation X door lock as with GuestKey, downloading a mobile application is not necessary. Generation X works entirely without an app, you only need to scan a QR code that can be sent to the smartphone of the guest or which can be printed. Using a QR code as a key, that really is a smart entry.

With GuestKey, you open doors via your mobile device. The guest receives a link to the webapp. In this online web application you can open your hotel door. Because the app is used online, no download of any app is needed which can be seen as a big threshold. Key management for your hotel has never been easier and more future proof!