'Next generation mobile keys for hotels. Make online contact personal again'

GuestKey, Hotek Hospitality Group's latest innovation. It enables you to make online contact with your guests personal again. GuestKey opens doors and possibilities. Via the web app your guest not only opens his hotel room door but you can also provide your guests with hotel information and create an upsell. Swipe to open an electronic door lock, reserve tomorrow’s breakfast and access the hotel’s spa and gym, all via your mobile phone. With GuestKey, you create the ultimate experience for your guests and you can have more interaction with them. With our controller, we transform any RFID lock into a smart door lock. Check out our different GuestKey packages on this page and find out which one suits you best.

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Keyless hotel

We make your hotel keyless. No regular key or keycard is needed anymore to open doors in your hotel. GuestKey is a fully cloud hosted platform that enables you to quickly and easily communicate with your guests. An RFID lock in combination with GuestKey is no longer just a regular electronic door lock, it is much more than that. Because with just a few clicks your guests can open their hotel door, reserve a bike for a nice trip, order a taxi and leave a review, all just via one web-app. Become a future proof keyless hotel with GuestKey.

Smart lock

To create a smart lock, you only have to integrate the GuestKey controller into your current RFID lock. And voilà, your mobile phone functions as a smart key from now on. In case your mobile phone’s battery has died, the smart door lock of course still works with a keycard just like before. But there is no easier and friendlier key, than your own mobile phone.

Mobile key

A mobile key is the future! You cannot only open doors with it, but also open up many more opportunities. For example, the old-fashioned hotel folder that is left untouched in every hotel room under a layer of dust is now one click away and digitally accessible on your own phone. The chances to create an upsell also increase since you generate an extra touchpoint with your guests. So with GuestKey you not only have a hotel mobile key, but also a new channel to communicate with your valuable guests.

GuestKey categories

GuestKey has multiple packages to suit everyone’s needs. Do the basic possibilities fulfill your needs or do you prefer a complete solution. Nevertheless, GuestKey has a package that suits your needs seamlessly.


With the Standard package, your guests are always able to easily open their room door via the web app. Besides that, this package features the reception tool and can be programmed in one language of your choosing.


Rather have more possibilities? With the Silver package you have the same possibilities as the Standard package but the web app can be programmed in two languages of your choice and the interface can be customised with your own logo.


With our Gold Package, you are always able to communicate the most up-to-date information towards your guests. It is very simple to make real-time changes in the web app to – for example – show new promotions and upload important information. Furthermore, the web app will be programmed in 4 languages and you can use the smiley module to ask guests about their experience with your hotel. Is it a positive review, then it will be directly uploaded to the booking website. Does the guest have any remarks, then these will be sent directly to the reception.


For the complete package, GuestKey Platinum is the ideal solution. All possibilities of GuestKey are available when choosing this package. Such as CMS access, a connection with WhatsApp and a public transport module. On top of that, the GuestKey Platinum package offers the most ultimate possibilities to generate sales, directly via the app interface.