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MINI Camouflage

Evolved from the Mini and developed for architects who don't want a visible card reader on the doors

The HOTEK MINI Camouflage with unique invisible card reader combines modern access control with the freedom to choose your Hotek door fittings. You can choose from 4 design models, in stainless steel, brass PVD, black and anthracite PVD.

The appearance of your hotel is no longer determined by standard hotel locks. Apply your chosen door fittings to the doors of your hotel room, bathroom and any other door in your hotel.

The HOTEK MINI Camouflage works in combination with the Hotek SMART software and offers advanced access control possibilities for hotels, resorts and cruise ships.

  • unique invisible card reader
  • 16 different type of Hotek design door fittings available
  • apply the same door fittings to general doors
  • no cabling required
  • anti-panic function
  • alarm if door is not closed properly
  • low battery alarm
  • read out the last 1,000 lock transactions
  • optional without mechanical emergency cylinder
  • wall readers available for elevator, sliding door, barriers etc.
  • intelligent energy savers available
  • works with Hotek RFID keycards, keyfobs (tags) and wristbands
  • software developed in Holland