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Full control, optimal security!

The need for security has increased significantly in all areas in recent years. With regard to the security of buildings and assets, there is a clear shift from mechanical to electronic solutions.

Intelligent access control systems are being used more and more, but do not replace  'regular' keys in all cases. For this reason, the combination of access control and key management provides an ideal total solution when security, manageability and ease of use are required.

Controlled management of access to premises, keys, and other assets provides continuous insight and thus a permanent enforcement of the security level. This increases employee awareness and reduces company risks, which leads to cost savings.

Our solutions enable you to easily manage the entire key management and access control; doors are only opened for those who have permission and property is kept safe.

The Opencard systems go beyond the hotel systems and are suitable for various situations, each with their own specific requirements and features.

  • no more lost keys
  • no items in the hands of unauthorized persons
  • no time consuming administration




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