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The roaring twenties

We are appraoching the 20’s, in a little less than 11 months we will be living in 2020. The roaring twenties, that’s how this decade was mentioned in the last century.

Makes you wonder, will the upcoming twenties be as roaring as the previous? Let’s hope there will be no bootleg (although a shutdown has to be taken into account, even in this decade). But how about technology? Where people wondered at the time about the upcoming radio and TV, this century the possibilities of Internet of Things technology will keep to amaze mankind. The Generation-Z is said to be always online, and often judged for that by older generations.

The pace of innovation and development has been amazing over the last 100 years. But still, there are more similarities as one may expect… The website [] reports: “The development of television and radio served as outlets for people to take part in distracting themselves from the outside world… The radio and the movies were two of the major factors that helped make the 1920's a time when people had a lot more choices to entertain themselves. With the amount of choices that this group of people had during the 20's led to a society that was focused on having fun because of their desire to always be entertained.”

I say, radio and TV were no different than the smartphone and Netflix nowadays. Our Generation-Z is looking for the same distraction and entertainment. What’s different? The state of technology. What's the same? Human nature. Let’s stop judging the young generations for what they are doing, and see that, also in this field, history repeats itself.

The Internet of Things will make the twenties of this century roaring, for sure. Let’s use it for the best, for entertainment, but also for some serious stuff. Like security.

latest from hotel locks:

IoT in hospitality

December 2018 - I assume you’ve heard about 'Iot'. Never do assumptions, but in this case you can only have missed the topic when you have been ‘ lying under the proverbial stone’ (a Dutch expression).  But just in case: Internet of Things:  "the interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data’" (Oxford Dictionary).

Turning on your heating with an app, sending data from your car to the garage or monitoring the status of the cartridge on your printer; IoT cannot be ignored from our daily life anymore, and therefore also not from the hospitality industry.

Guest will be (or are already) able to connect with multiple devices and services in the hotel (room); the setting for lights, temperature and music are some obvious examples. (Big) data can be stored and analysed, in order to anticipate on guest behaviour and provide a customized customer experience for future visits.

Christopher Nassetta, CEO Hilton summed it up strikingly as: “Imagine a world where the room knows you, and you know your room”.

Hotek has developed the Generation-Z lock, that works on IoT technology; the locks are connected by an IoT gateway to the cloud, and access rights can be managed online. This opens a world of opportunities for both the guest and hotelier, as the basis for IoT technology is in place, and can be used for a number of other applications.

In the next blogs we will explain more about the other benefits of the Generation-Z lock , why you should always be online, and improved customer journeys!

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