Hotek QR code lock

Check-in has never been so quick and easy!

Unique, easy to use, suitable for all smartphones and usable without purchasing expensive software, licence fees or special apps.

The Hotek QR code lock 2.0 is a hybrid lock and can be opened with both a mobile phone and an RFID
keycard or tag, offering optimal flexibility for both guests and staff. Instead of programming a keycard for the hotel guest, a QR (Quick Response) code is generated in the Hotek system and sent to the guest’s smartphone.

The QR code becomes the key that provides direct access to the booked hotel room.
No more queing at the reception, but a smooth flow at check-in! Ideal for hotels without a reception
desk or unmanned hotels or dependances.

The QR code can also be printed on paper with a normal printer or ticket printer as a fall back system.
Plastic key cards are becoming redundant,  which yields a saving for your organisation and contributes to a better environment.

Available in stainless steel, black edition on demand.



The benefits

  • hybrid; both QR and RFID
  • no wires required
  • anti-panic function
  • suitable for all smartphones
  • reliable, safe and easy to use
  • time and cost saving
  • no network or internet needed
  • no more costs for key cards
  • no apps needed
  • integration with app possible
  • interface with PMS systems
  • works on Hotek SMART hotel platform
  • no expensive licence fees
  • no expensive software needed
  • environmentally friendly
  • possibility to print QR key on paper
  • no more queuing at the reception
  • suitable for unmanned hotels