RFID Keycards

The hotel locks and smart locks of Hotek work with RFID Mifare keycards. Because of the use of these keycards, locks are easily and quickly unlocked. Demagnetised cards are a thing of the past thanks to the RFID technology, these cards always work. Besides, these cards are applicable for multiple purposes when the system is used in combination with a register system. Hotek has standard, as well as fully customisable keycards available. Check out the different possibilities of our keycard below.

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What is RFID?

How does a Mifare RFID keycard work? A hotel lock with a keycard works with RFID technology. This means that there is a card reader on the lock and when the card is within 2-3 centimeters, it can be read via radio frequency and the door will open. An RFID key card takes up relatively little space compared to a regular key hence it can be easily kept in your wallet for instance. Besides it is also much easier to use. The technology of the RFID card exists for a long time now but this doesn’t make it any less useful. An RFID door lock with keycard is utterly user friendly and contributes significantly to a positive experience for your guests. Order your own RFID hotel card now, choose from the blank variant or one that is fully customizable.

Hotel RFID lock system

Because of the compact size of our keycards, they can be easily kept in your bag or wallet. No longer a hassle with demagnetised cards but an RFID door lock with keycard, these cards always work. Use our key cards in combination with Hotek hotel locks like our Classic RFID lock in black or stainless steel. Or what do you think of our Classic Brass hotel lock? The perfect combination of a beautiful design and the technology of the future.

Standard keycard

The standard keycard is blank and hence has no imprint. A simple but very useful way to open your hotel doors. Are you already a customer of Hotek? Then our standard RFID keycards are always directly available from stock for you. The standard hotel card of Hotek has a reading distance of 2-3 centimeters and a memory capacity of 8 kilobytes. Besides, these are provided with encryption compatible with Hotek keycard systems and the measurements of the card are 85,5 x 54 x 0.8 millimeter.

Printed keycards

Do you find a standard keycard a little too simple and would you rather have your own customised print instead of a blank card? With Hotek this is possible! In case you already have a personalised hotel lock with your own design, you fully complete the experience by having a matching keycard that you can also customise yourself. You can either send your own design or let us design it for you. Simply send us your logo and pictures you would like us to use, we take care of the rest! If you are a customer of Hotek, we customise the card for you for free. A printed keycard of course looks way more spectacular than a blank variant. Combine our printed keycards with a CLASSIC Design your own hotel lock of Hotek and give your hotel an amazing appearance!

RFID keycard system

Do you have an outdated magnetcard system and do you want to upgrade to an RFID keycard system? That is possible with our upgrade kits. There are different forms of upgrade kits. Take a closer look into these kits and find out which one suits your wishes best and which variant is fit for your current locks. Our hotel RFID door locks are of great quality. But in case you do not completely want to replace your current locks, an upgrade kit is the perfect solution to still give your locks a nice upgrade. Are you still having doubts whether you want to replace your locks or not, then take a look at our smart locks for the perfect solution for your hotel.