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Hotek has multiple handy smart locks. Because a regular key has become quite boring, hasn’t it? Using keycards, QR codes and a webapp to open doors are more user friendly and also future proof solutions for your hotel. Give your guests an amazing experience, that starts with opening their room door. A good start is half the work. The smart locks of Hotek contribute to creating an unforgettable experience for your hotel guests. Below, you can find multiple convenient variations of smart door locks.

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Smart door locks for hotels

A small lock, with the technology of the future. That is the perfect way to describe our Mini Design lock. A contactless RFID system, provided with Hotek SMART software is a golden combination. Besides that, we have multiple other smart door locks. Check out our smart hotel locking system assortment.

Take our Mini Camouflage lock for example. It is partly invisible and has a stylish design. Invisible? Yes, really! A minimalistic design with a unique invisible card reader. The card reader is hidden in the door hence you need to hold the card against the door to open it. Pick a door handle design of your choosing and – if desired – a mechanical emergency cylinder, the rest is invisible on the outside of the door.

Furthermore, we also have the Small Line lock. The standard model can both be used inside as outside, does not require any cabling and can be perfectly combined with a wall reader. There is no need to replace your current key plan since it can be installed over your existing mortise locks. Without any adjustments to doors and frames.

Smart lock keyless

How does a smart lock work? Our hotel smart locks work with RFID. This makes it possible to open doors with a keycard, tag or even a wristband. A smart entry to your hotel rooms lifts the experience of your guests to a higher level. Our smart door locks with key card are extremely user friendly.

Are you looking for a smart door lock with a digital key? Then you should take a look at our Generation X lock or upgrade your current RFID locks with GuestKey. With these two solutions, no tangible key is needed, from now on you open doors digitally, via your mobile phone. With the Generation X lock you can open the door with a QR code and with GuestKey you easily slide the door open with the corresponding web app.

Smart key

If you want more than just a smart key, then you can further modernise your hotel rooms with a digital do not disturb system, also known as a DND-system. We also have a very user friendly high end key solution: the Hotek SMART with a DND-system and card reader built in. Bring the future into your hotel with a smart lock from Hotek!