Hotek has RFID door locks and RFID cards for all your doors. For an optimal experience for your guests, you can choose one of our hotel locks for all your hotel doors or update your current hotel lock with our RFID upgrade kits.

No more problems with demagnetised cards, from now on that's a thing of the past. The RFID keycards always work. They are extremely user-friendly and also fully customisable. Take a look at our range of RFID cards and RFID upgrade kits below.

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What is RFID?

How does RFID work and what does it stand for? RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, this technique allows information to be stored from a distance or read from an RFID chip. Hotek's RFID locks have an RFID scanner that uses the RFID card to unlock the hotel door via radio frequency.

An RFID system and keycard make the experience of your guests a lot friendlier. They no longer need to bring a large or clumsy key with them when leaving the hotel. The keycards easily fit in your wallet and do not get demagnetised, so they will always work.

RFID card

There are several options with our RFID key cards. You can choose from a blank standard keycard or a keycard that is completely personalised with the logo of your hotel and / or an image of your choosing. You can supply the desired design yourself or have the RFID hotel keys designed by us. A customised and printed keycard stands out and can be printed in full color.

A Hotek RFID keycard has a reading distance of 2 to 3 centimeters and is made of PVC. If you are also looking for energy saving units, you will find them in the assortment of Hotek. When the RFID hotel key is inserted into the saving unit, you can use all connected devices. When the guest leaves the room and removes the RFID key from the saving unit, all devices are automatically turned off.

RFID Upgrade Kits

An RFID Upgrade Kit is Hotek’s perfect solution if you do not want to replace all your locks. See it as an RFID starter kit; with one of our kits, you can transform your magnetic card system into a hotel RFID lock system. Hotek has several different RFID starter packs to choose from, so you will undoubtedly find one that suits your locks.

The upgrade kits are very sufficient and have many advantages. For example, you can read the last 1,000 lock transactions and an alarm will sound if the door is not closed properly and if the battery voltage is low. No cabling required and the software is fully developed in the Netherlands!